Who we are

Gospel. Family. Mission.

Young Adults is a group of 18 to 30 somethings that is committed to Jesus and His plan for our lives. We believe that in the Gospel, we are saved by Jesus, to His Family, for His Mission. We are a community of University and College students, singles and marrieds, working professionals and unemployed. Young Adults is safe place to wrestle through the claims of Christ, and find love and encouragement. Ultimately we are about Gospel, Family and Mission.

Planning a visit? We meet every Monday night at 7pm in the front Lobby Cafe at Parkwood.

Upcoming Events

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  1. Off (No YA) Jun 18th, '18
  2. Detroit-Windsor Fireworks (meeting downtown @ St. Clair Center of the Arts) Jun 25th, '18
  3. Off (No YA) Jul 2nd, '18
  4. Tigers’ Game (Detroit Tigers vs. Tampa Bay Rays; 7:10pm) Jul 9th, '18
  5. Off (No YA) Jul 16th, '18
  6. Mini-Golf @ “On the Green”/Bonfire @ the Mills’ House (7pm) Jul 23rd, '18
  7. Off (No YA) Jul 30th, '18
  8. Summer Service w/ Guest Speaker (Parkwood at 7pm) Aug 6th, '18
  9. Off (No YA) Aug 13th, '18
  10. Ice Cream/Amherstburg Hangs (corner of Dalhousie & Richmond at 7pm) Aug 20th, '18
  11. Off (No YA) Aug 27th, '18

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